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Middle Valley Park Tennis Courts in Hixson get a new facelift thanks to Hamilton County Parks initiatives.

Updated: Jan 10

We are delighted to share exciting news about the recent upgrades at Middle Valley Park, a project we are proud of at Middle Valley Youth Association (MVYA). This revitalization is a testament to our community's commitment to sports and outdoor activities.

A Vibrant New Look for Tennis Courts in Hixson

The park now boasts six brand new tennis courts and four pickleball courts, all resplendent in bright blue and green, with crisp white lines marking their boundaries. These vibrant courts are situated at the back of Middle Valley Park, conveniently located near the recycling center and the football field.

Availability and Access

These facilities are open to the public and are a perfect spot for families, friends, and sports enthusiasts to enjoy a game or two. They will be available for everyone to use, except during times reserved for sanctioned league play, which will be managed by MVYA.

Future Plans for a Tennis Program

While the primary focus of this announcement is the court revitalization, I also want to briefly mention that MVYA will soon introduce a new tennis program, set to commence in Spring 2024. This initiative will further enrich our community's sporting landscape. More details about the program will be shared in a formal announcement later.

A Community Effort

The transformation of these tennis courts in Hixson has been a community effort, reflecting our collective dedication to promoting health, wellness, and the joy of sports. As someone who has previously formed and supported sports leagues, I am excited about the potential these new facilities hold.

Inviting the Community

We encourage everyone to visit Middle Valley Park to experience the upgraded courts. Whether you are picking up a racket for the first time or are a seasoned player, these facilities are here for you to enjoy.

Want to rent the facility for your league, team, or tournament?

Our courts offer a top-notch playing experience for players of all skill levels. Whether you're organizing a friendly community league or a more competitive tournament, our facilities can cater to your needs. Conveniently located and easily accessible, these courts are in a prime location near the recycling center and football field in Middle Valley Park.

By renting our facility, you'll have access to well-maintained courts, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants. Plus, the picturesque setting of Middle Valley Park adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your game days.

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