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Terms & Conditions (Concessions Contract)

1. Consideration for Vocational Contributions:

  • While it is not a requirement, Middle Valley Youth Association (MVYA) acknowledges the added value of concessionaire applicants who are involved in vocational training, particularly in cooking and culinary arts. Such contributions will be favorably considered as they align with our ethos of promoting educational and skill development opportunities.

2. Eligibility and Application Assessment:

  • All applicants must fulfill the minimum qualifications and responsibilities outlined in the MVYA Concessionaire Contract. Applications will be evaluated based on the ability to meet these requirements, with additional recognition given to organizations contributing to vocational and educational initiatives in the culinary field.

3. Community Engagement and Youth Development:

  • Applicants are encouraged to showcase their commitment to community engagement and youth development. Emphasis on educational and skill-building initiatives, including but not limited to culinary arts, will be viewed positively.

4. Compliance with MVYA Objectives:

  • Concessionaires are expected to align their operations with MVYA’s objectives, focusing on supporting youth sports and community building, while fostering a positive environment.

5. Contractual Obligations:

  • The selected concessionaire is required to adhere to all terms outlined in the MVYA Concessionaire Contract, including operational, financial, maintenance, and reporting responsibilities.

6. Right to Amend or Terminate:

  • MVYA reserves the right to amend contract terms or terminate the agreement if the concessionaire fails to meet the obligations or align with MVYA’s objectives.

7. Non-Exclusivity:

  • MVYA may select multiple concessionaires if it benefits the organization and community.

8. Conflict Resolution:

  • Disputes arising from operations or contract terms will be addressed through mediation or arbitration, as determined by MVYA.

9. Final Decision:

  • The MVYA Executive Board holds the final decision on the selection of concessionaires, which will be considered final and binding.

These terms and conditions aim to ensure that concessionaire operations at MVYA not only meet operational standards but also contribute positively to the community and youth development, with a nod to those who offer additional value through educational and vocational initiatives.

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